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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

4 Weeks Post Op (for the 6th time)

I am proud to announce I am four weeks post op.  And I have survived so far  My right hip is doing amazing as far as ROM goes.  The flexion feels like it's my elbow bending:  easy, smooth, painless, not restricted, internal rotation is amazing as well with absolutely no pinch.  The external rotation has limitations due to muscular pulling but nothing we can't iron out with some clams and FABER slides.  Extension is coming along, but we can only do it side lying in PT since I still have four weeks of not being able to lie on my tummy.

I started my 50% weight bearing today.  It is wonderful to stand on my two feet while I brush my teeth. It is still a bit sore when I stand due to the swelling I decide to keep for quite some time.  My legs are thinner and thinner due to atrophy.  And my calf is squishy and just hangs off my tibia; it looks like a boob hanging off my bone. :O

Lefty is still pretty smooth inside.  ROM is more restricted and painful compared to the right and my strength in flexion isn't as good on the left as the right.  I can already flex up my leg more on my post-op leg....I really kinda wish my psoas wasn't released.  Grrrr.....

No information on the insurance front.  Everything has been received but no decisions made.  I pray each and every day that the surgery is covered.  I hate the suspicion and worry that my financial situation could change dramatically.  It isn't something I would like to deal with....but it's coming and I hope things are covered.  Lord knows that all the procedures I needed were medically required.

I am now gearing up for my huge weekend:  I am Maid of Honour at my good friend's wedding. The rehearsal dinner is on Thursday and the wedding on Saturday.  It should be a beautiful wedding and I am so happy they are getting married, I just wish that I didn't have to crutch up the aisle, sit on a stool beside the bride, and go to the reception crutches.  Absolutely no dancing nor drinking for this lady :(

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