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Monday, October 15, 2012

20 Days Post Op

Twenty freaking days!!!  Wow!!!!

Today marks two days in a row in which I have not taken any pain meds during the day.  Go me!  It feels great to have a clear head, now if I could only get any motivation to do anything.  This will come with time, but I have to drag my butt to the pool and get a-movin' ...I had every intention on doing it today, but I had a visitor in the afternoon and no car in the morning.  Also, I accidentally slipped on the ONE step down into my living room and wham, stepped full weight onto my surgical leg.  This was uncool since I am still supposed to be 20# weight bearing for another week.  Let's say that I am not ready to do any sort of weight bearing on my leg yet.  It hurt just to touch the ground lightly for an hour.  So stupid!  So annoying!  I know better than to rush up/down stairs.  I'm sure I didn't do any damage, but it really didn't feel lovely.

I can shower, get dressed, in and out of my CPM (depending on how tired I am), and all sorts of things now.  Having the pain reducing is well welcomed, I appreciate not being so throbbing and exploding all of the time.  Although I know my set of bad and good days are ahead of me, I'll take any sort of improvement and cherish it.

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