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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Birthday / 5 Weeks Post Op

I had had an update planned yesterday since it was officially my 5 week date since my surgery, but my day ended up with a melt-down/freak-out session and I thought better than to update here status post melt-down.  But here I am, one year older, and (hopefully) one year wiser, and totally looking forward to getting on with my next year of life.  This is the second birthday in the past couple of years on crutches recovering from surgery.   My family and friends really made it special though.  My Dad's parents took me (and my brother) out to lunch, where we all had burgers.  It was good!  I'm not the burger-ordering-type-of-girl usually, but they were on special and thought I'd try it.  It wad good, but waaay too full of meat.  I like ground beef, but not THAT much ground beef.  It was really nice to get out of the house and see people!  I then slept all afternoon (well, only a couple hours, but it constitutes the majority of my time from lunch to supper).  And then I went to my other set of grandparents, they gave me their gifts, and then we ate supper: chicken wings, ravioli, and egg rolls.  Yummy!  But, I ate all day and barely had room to eat my dinner.  Ah well, I'll have a bit for a snack with my pills tonight; no boring granola bar before sleep time for me today!

I got a bunch of wonderful things, but the best present was my completing my CPM torture time.  No CPM or puffers for this girl for a loooooong, time, like forever (pray to God!).  I'm pumped about this as it has freed up 6 hours of my day.  Which is a long time.  And now I can sleep in silence without having to hear my puffers go off every minute.  I can now leave the constant battle with the CPM - we've exchanged many words in our countless hours of time I spent in it.  Also, happy birthday to me: my insurance sent me a letter stating that the bill for my CPM use after my June surgery will not be covered and I owe $1100. So, I got the appeal letter together and we will be fighting it.  And all of my other stuff for this past surgery has been changed to "in progress" on my webpage account.  Please pray that my surgery is covered and that all of my procedures will be covered.  

As far as my hips go, my right is getting pretty good, the joint feels like it's my elbow, but the swelling is ridiculous.  I didn't do myself any favours by standing up as Maid of Honour on Saturday and standing, sitting, moving, shivering too much.  I've blown up like a blow fish.  Wow.  But the joint isn't hurt, just the soft tissues.  My left hip has me a bit worried as my groin pain as increased.  He's got less flexion and less internal rotation the he did before my right surgery.  He's probably just stressed out, but I am worried.  He clicks and clunks, and my psoas refuses to work.  My PT is calling the PA for Dr. P to see what else we can do to get it working. I'm just paranoid!  Ah well, Dr. P will have to figure out something because I am so over surgery! I'm done!!! :)

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