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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rocky Mountain Pictures

I have been out to Vail in every season this year for either surgery or for a follow-up appointment.  When I went in January I was in amazement of the mountains as I had never seen a mountain before.  It was glorious, magnificent.  Then I went back in the spring for appointments and landed back in Vail in June for another surgery.  Then, I thought I loved Vail most in the summer with the lush, green landscape, wild flowers, flowing creeks.  I was mistaken.  Coming back in the fall was, hands down, my favourite time to see Vail and the Rocky Mountains.  Breathtaking.  I only took pictures with my camera, so they aren't the best, but they can still share some of the amazing landscape.

Driving from Denver to Vail.

Driving from Denver to Vail.

Notice the haziness in the backdrop which was the left overs of the smoke from the wildfires.
When we arrived in Denver you couldn't even see the mountains because the winds were blowing the smoke from the wildfires in Oklahoma, Utah, etc.  Initially it was an eerie scene until the sun came out and the wind blew the smoke off the mountains.  

View from Wal-Mart.

View from our condo.  At times the rain clouds were so low they covered the top of the mountains.

One of my favourites.  Happy 50th Birthday Vail!!!

Another view from our condo.

Rock formation.

Driving back from Vail to Denver.  Right hip all fixed up.

I wish the reflection of the window wasn't there. :(

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  1. Oh I love all the pictures!!! So Great :) And so glad that you got to see Vail before surgery. Fall is definitely hands down the prettiest with all the colors!