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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Inflammation, Shiminflammation, I Hate Inflammation

I am not sure what is happening with my body.  On Friday evening my lower cervical/upper thoracic region of my neck became sore so that I couldn't turn my head.  This occurred over a period of minutes.  I thought, ugh, and nothing more of it. I went to bed and didn't sleep very well because of the pain in my neck.  Yesterday was a complete washout as I couldn't move my head at all because of my stiff neck.  I went to PT and he said that it was so inflamed and swollen that he didn't want to mess with it, and decided to do a simple adjustment and we will work more on it this upcoming week.

Today is a bit better considering I can move my neck slightly.  Although I noticed some other strange things.  I may call my surgeon's PA tomorrow and just run it past them since my hip got all hot today and swollen most concentrated around my graft site.  Plus, I have a tooth that bothers me only sometimes and it now hurts to bite down.  This whole inflammation deal is not cool.  It seems to me that this is a flare of some sort.  I'm not sure how to describe it.  Odd.  I didn't have any fever but I was extremely cold on Saturday that I had to use heating pads to make my feet thaw.  Saturday was a washout, I lied on the couch, not moving.  Although I did drag myself to PT midday.  All of this doesn't add up to much.  And maybe it is a coincidence that all of this happened at once, but I haven't a clue how to put it together.  I've been checked for RA, HLA-B27 and come back negative.  It seems systemic to me having several body parts flare up like this.  So this is the paranoid side of me.  Maybe it's just par for the course at this point in the recovery process:  using crutches for several weeks, adding external rotation exercises into my regimen.  And I'd rather not call the PA, but I think I may, just to ease my mind.  In the mean time, I've started taking 440mg of naprosyn BID to help calm the inflammation.

My hip joint on the right feels great. I have wonderful ROM that is pain free in all directions.  Far better than my left hip.  This makes me ecstatic and worried all at the same time.  So happy because my right hip feels the best it has in years and I really believe it will stand up for a while now.  But unhappy because having my right hip feel like this really makes me notice that my left hip is still not perfect.  Perhaps time will be my friend and that is all I need to be able to get my hip to a place where it will be good for my future education and residency.  I certainly hope so!  It's just still hurting and the lateral ITB flicking, bursitis, and psoas issues are the majority of my concern, although all motions gives me a pinch at the end point (which is not there on the right).  I know, I know, the left has had four surgeries and the right has had only two, but still, the fact that it still hurts is concerning.  I betcha it will calm down once I'm more weight bearing on my right side, although I do wonder what my surgeon is going to say when I see him next (Dec. 10th)....his last words regarding my left hip were: "...the pain is unacceptable...we will inject during the right surgery and go from there."

On a more positive note, my Mum is teaching me how to crochet.  I learned the single stitch today and am making a bright yellow scarf for my grandmother for Christmas.  It is a lot easier to learn and faster to do than knitting.  I love learning new things and will force myself to finish this project as I tend to start many things and never finish them.

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