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Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby Steps

Today I took my first couple of steps without a crutch without a massive lurch! Yay for good day! Finally my swelling has gone down slightly (enough for me to notice that I am less swollen.) Today I also managed to stand in the swimming pool a wee bit to cool down - nice a warm weather here :) Also, I just got out of our hot tub. Oh it was great on the muscles and ol' joints to get all nice and warm. Warm to the bone, literally. It relaxed everything and am happy I soaked there for a while. But I probably won't go in for a while yet, since getting in and out took two people so as I didn't fall off the edge as is inched my way into/out of the water.

There is a great firework show down near the river tonight. Famous; the largest in the continent and it is always a great show. But, I can't go. I remember a few years back all my friends wanted to go, but I couldn't because I couldn't walk far enough because my right hip would hurt me. How far have I come from that?! Now, I sit at home on the exact day rehabilitating my hip surgery on my left hip. It really is funny how small events like this mean things when I have been suffering with hip pain for so long. Oh how I long to not have hip pain. Ha, I sound like an old lady and I am only in my twenties!

Anyway, off to watch a movie on my computer :)

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