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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One Week Post-Op

Today marks one week since I had my left hip arthroscopy with osteochondroplasty and labral debridement/repair. What a feat! And, today was my best day yet. I am so happy to know that I am not stuck in a fog of pain forever :) I only joke, because I actually know that it is not forever; no pain, no gain.

I had my first physiotherapy appointment today. She did an assessment (ie asked questions, read the physiotherapy referral from the surgeon, etc.), tested my ROM, did some myofascial release on my calf, and then I received an inferential treatment (which did wonders!). She is extremely thorough and I totally trust her. This makes recovering a lot better when you trust your physiotherapist. She is up to date in everything and very well-known in the area. Heck, she even is the personal physiotherapist of Olympic champions! (cool, eh?)

As far as my ROM, I have approximately 70* of flexion, 35* of aBduction, almost normal aDduction, and zero degrees of internal rotation (go figure, since I barely had any before the surgery). We didn't test extension since I was already lying down on the exam table and it would be too much work to help me off the table to test this rotation, and get me back on the table. Yeah, it is great needing somebody to lift your legs onto and off the table. Honestly, I tell my muscles to move my leg but the musculature is just too weak and cannot move my limb. I can't wait to build enough strength up to be able to lift my foot up. Going through this recovery process really puts things into perspective.

So, I have a bunch of exercises to do every day to ensure that I keep moving the hip and to get stronger. Some of the stuff I was given there is no way that I can do now, but we will build up. My hip flexors and quadriceps are still pretty tight and angry. But, I have to say, after my Inferential Treatment on my hip flexors, they actually are less painful. I think I might ask for this on my quadriceps (in particular that darn Vastus Lateralis) on Friday when I go back to physiotherapy. I will explain this treatment modality, but I believe this is worthy of a post on its own, and will not be today since the Oxycodone is starting to kick in.

Well, I have a lot I could write about since I did so much today. Let me remind you that when I write 'much' this is relative; meaning that it I have done more activity than simply crutching from my recliner to the bathroom and back. Nonetheless, I had a big day and I am zonked out.

Currently, this is what my lovely hip looks like:

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