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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Walking, Waiting, Wanting.

I have not touched crutches for two days now! I am really tired because walking takes so much work, but I feel great to not have to use them. Although I can do without crutches, I still don't walk properly. I can't fully extend my left leg (due to tight anterior hip capsule.) I can't remember having the anterior hip so unhappy for my other side. I am doing all I can to stretch it out (ie lie on my stomach and relax the hip and surrounding musculature, lie on my back and relax.) These exercises must work eventually because some hip extension would be appreciated in the very near future.

I feel like I am waiting around, putting in my time for recovery so that I can get on with my life. Essentially, I am waiting around to get better. Not the most exciting way to spend my last summer vacation, but necessary none-the-less.

I am currently wanting to do much more than I am physically capable of doing. I want to go shopping for some cute outfits, I want to go for a walk, I want to work out, etc., etc., etc. But I am not able. I want to not hurt.

Despite this walking, waiting, and wanting, things are progressing well. Just wish this entire process would be slightly more speedy. Sigh.

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