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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Before the operation....nice clean, scar-free hip:

All wrapped up when I came home:

Four small incisions:


  1. Hi HC

    I have been waiting for you to post. Congrats on getting this far. Comparing surgeons isn't it funny I have not been able to take my padding off similar looking to yours. I have been told I have two incisions with five stitches to have out tomorrow. I wish they were disolvable. when do you start physio? My pain levels are now minimal but my leg is very heavy if I don't use one crutch. I should post a pic to you at your email address just to compare. Hows the actual groin pain? I have none nor back pain nor pain down my leg. Great to hear from you. relax rest rest rest I think this is the key to recovery. Best wishes Jilly

  2. hey, i start physio on wednesday. it certainly is funny how different surgeons are! i have four incisions with dissolvable stitches. i had non-dissolvable stitches last time, and consider yourself lucky...these dissolvable ones have been oozing for days. not cool. congrats on getting around w/o using two crutches. how long post op could you downgrade to one crutch? good luck recovering!!

  3. Hi HC

    I had the stitches out beautiful job. Very clean one a bit gooey on top but my GP was very impressed. No swelling, no bruising. Off cruthes yipee!!!! However I went to hard yesterday morning and oh god felt it last night! Going to physio today.



  4. yay, no stitches and no crutches! 2 weeks and off crutches....very impressed....way to go girl!! :)