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Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Sleepy Days of Summer

Well, the past couple of days I have managed to (almost) sleep as much as I have been awake. And oh does it feel good to sleep.

After my day of feeling great and standing on the operated leg, and foolishly taking several steps on the leg, I got really sore. Go figure. But I had to go to physiotherapy anyway. And there, I over did it.

Honestly, I need to learn when enough is enough When I am at home I get great satisfaction with the little things, and then I go to physiotherapy I feel like I can do everything they tell me, and I do try my absolute hardest to do the exercises (I guess I am trying to foolishly trying to show off to make people think that I am not that bad after surgery). Needless to say, I was wiped out on Friday and Saturday from my one physiotherapy session. I have even had to increase my pain killer dosage at night, but have managed to remain off pain meds during the day :) Yay!

My hip itself isn't too bad. The incisions are looking great; the bruising is decreasing and the incisions have healed together nicely. I am thoroughly happy with the stitching as well. He did a wonderfully neat job with the sutures. I bet that the scars will be neat (not that I really care since I have earned my scars and would not mind if they showed....I earned those scars! Not everybody has the talent to grow extra bumps on their femoral heads and not everybody manages to tear the labrum....bilaterally to boot!) . The only incision that makes me a bit concerned is the most anterior one since it has developed a pea-sized ball beneath the stitch. It randomly gives me stabbing pains as well. If it doesn't get better in a week I'll make an appointment with my GP, just to be safe (plus this would give me a chance to get the operating report).

My muscles are still very tight. So much so that I can't make the full motion that walking would require; hence I am confined to using two crutches with toe-touch weight bearing until I can support my weight better. My knee is a bit swollen still, but not too painful. In replace of the knee pain I had, I have developed ankle pain. It feels like it is being pulled medially (and looks this way too) which makes the lateral ankle joint tender. Even if my quadriceps and hip flexors were strong enough to support my body weight, I don't think that my ankle would tolerate walking. Hopefully it is just from the traction and is going through its own, kooky healing phase.

I suppose I should ensure that I take things really easy, rest up, and listen to my body. This is hard for me to do because I just want to get better ASAP so that I can get on and enjoy some of my summer vacation with mobility. But....I have to remember to "respect the surgery" - thanks for that description...I love it :)

Until next time,

Me - the over-ambitious hip scope patient


  1. Hey HC sounds like me one step forward two steps back and yes it is slow isn't it! How long do you have until you have to go back? What are you going back too? I had a numb foot but that had gone within the 24 hours. Have you spoken to your Physio about it? Without me repeating myself see my post which will explain the operation notes. I got them because the Physio was asking me so many questions i could not answer and I want to know what he is dealing with. The Registrar did not tell me half of it when I was discharged but it makes sense for the pain I am in now and constant but a different pain to the groin pain I was in and in different areas right around my hip. Maybe it is in my head LOL. How often are you seeing the physio? I thought I would be seeing him more than one every 2 weeks that disappoints me a bit. I am back to work tomorrow. Don't want to go really in one way but in another it will be good to get out of the house. My hubby wants to know where in Canada do you live? It is our ultimate dream to come to Canada. Keep up the good work of rehab we are at very similar stages except I am not on crutches and you will be off them soon too. Respect that body :) Jilly

  2. Hey! Doesn't this rehab thing rock? Not! Actually, I would prefer not to say where I am from and what I do here on the wide open Internet. Feel free to email me though. That way it is a bit more private :) Thanks.

    As far as physio goes, I am scheduled to go two times each week for the next couple of weeks, then see where I am. I can't believe you only see the physio once a week. I have a great physiotherapist too. Very aggressive, but knows when to back off. I already have a tonne (well, more like 8) of exercises we are going to build towards. If you feel like you need more direction or more exercises to do (I don't know how familiar your physiotherapist is with rehabbing hip scopes) I am more than happy to send you some of my exercise profiles....just email me!

    Hope all is well with you. ttyl.

  3. Hi HC,

    I am terribly sorry I did not mean to pry. I totally forget that it is open to the www. I think I must be a bit simple I forgot about that.Where do I find your email address mine is I can't find yours. I would love to take a pic and send it to you. I would love to send you a pic of my family too. I am a bit shitty that I have not done more physio but he is a senior physio with an aussie footy team so I have to respect that and hope he knows what he is doing. These football players like yours get $500,000.00 plus so I am hope he is up with the latest techniques. They are saying FAI and labrum tears are the new osteo pubis with footballers. How are you going now? Still on big painkillers? I had a much better day yesterday at work was horrid and vowed never to have a day like it again. Today gave me hope. Please email me so I can email you back again. Regards Jilly xxx