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Friday, June 11, 2010

Take it easy for goodness sake!

Being the smart nerd I am, I decided to test out my hip today just to see what I could do. It seemed smart at the time because I woke up feeling great. The hip flexors were far less painful than previous days, and I could go through the motions of walking on my crutches without much difficulty. So I thought, heck, can I stand on my leg? Much to my surprise, I COULD!!! Yup, a week and a day after my surgery I can already stand on my operated side. I thought that was pretty cool. I got all excited and then tried a few baby steps without my crutches supporting my weight. I did about 5 steps. It felt great. Not much pain either. Then I had to show off to my Mum when she got home from work.

In essence, I thought I could do this without consequence:

Afterwards I decided to rest all afternoon, and when I got up I was kind of stiff. Blah. But I couldn't rest for long because I was able to get help showering this afternoon (showering with help is definitely a humbling experience). After showering we went and visited my grandparents. Needless to say I was extremely sore this evening and had to take another oxycodone. Sigh, I should have known not to do all of this and get cocky, but hey, I could do it and I will get stronger. Just a little sign of what is to come. But for now, my body tells me I should take it easy, and I must listen to it and not do too much to stress it since I only have my summer vacation to get better before I jump back into my last didactic oriented school year ever.

Off to bed now whilst full of oxycodone. Oh thank goodness for pain killers.

(p.s. I suppose 'today' in my post technically refers to yesterday since it is after midnight)

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