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Sunday, July 24, 2011

17 Days Post Op certainly has been more than two weeks and yep, I wanted to post on the two week date, but I didn't get around to it. Not that I have any excuses since all I do is lie around on my butt all day; it just didn't happen.

Quickie update: my incisions look great! (I'll post pictures sometime) :) They are quite deep scars though which is mostly because the sutures were not tight and the skin filled in with a gap. No worries though, I'd really rather have more impressive battle wounds! I will have worked hard for all 7 scope scars on my left hip and four on my right. Furthermore, my previous surgeon left very, very tiny scars and this surgeon's scars are gonna be twice as large (in both length and width). Twice as large for twice as successful surgery, right? :P

The last two days have really been a struggle. I was feeling fairly good prior to the last couple of days. The only thing that I can think that has caused this flare up is the fact that I had been feeling so good that I must have over-exerted myself. It is quite sad to think that going to Wal-Mart and beelining it to the womens section, grabbing a pair of leggings (and a shirt) and then checking out ASAP could have caused this. It is absolutely incredible how weak one can get after surgery. I feel like I could sleep all of the time and by 10 o'clock in the evening I am passed out on the recliner (my favourite spot in the world)!

One thing that is puzzling me is that my leg and foot tend to go purple if I don't have it elevated on a pillow all of the time. Honestly, yesterday I took a shower (with my fantabulous chair), and by the end I was purple to the knee. I immediately put my feet up on a pillow whilst in the recliner and it was gone in half an hour or so, but still annoying. It seems like a circulation issue to me but my Mum is horrified every time she sees it. Then I reassure her that it is not a DVT and act all cool, when I really can't figure out why my foot/leg started to turn purple when not elevated at two weeks out. I could call the doctor's office to ensure that things are alright, and i will call if it continues. It is more annoying than anything else.

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