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Monday, July 18, 2011

Stitches OUT!

Today I ventured out of the house to see my GP to get my stitches out. wahhooo! The fun outing of the day. The secretary was really nice and helped me into the room and up on the table and, as my Mum and I were leaving, she let us go out the back way so that we didn't have to do any steps if we used the normal entrance; I appreciated that a lot.

My family doctor on the other hand, was so gruff with me! I hobbled in and he didn't even ask what I had had done. I said that I needed my stitches out because I had had surgery 10 days ago and he moved me to another room and pulled out my stitches. I also got another prescription for Oxycodone because I was running out and I really wanted to ensure that I stay on top of my pain. I refuse to be a super-hero!

I digress, my family doctor asked if the three holes and six stitches were all that I had, and then just proceeded to yank them out. I piped up to let him know what had been done since I really do think that he should be aware of what is going on. All he said was that I was awful young to have hip surgery. When I told him this was the third time I have had this done he couldn't believe it! Ha, he was the one that took out my stitches each time! What a great doctor-patient relationship there.

Furthermore, as we were just outside the exam room he asked me how long this was supposed to last for me and I gave him the spiel about how by 6 weeks we should know if I need reconstructive labral surgery or not and he just shook his head and walked away. This was all on top of my doctor chewing out his secretary about the dosing of a medication for the patient previous to me right outside my exam room. I could hear every word he said to her in his condescending manner.

Basically, my family doctor is a crabby, over-worked practitioner whom I do NOT want to emulate when I become a physician. A little empathy can go a long way! Mind you, I didn't want him to feel sorry for me, but I did want him to acknowledge the seriousness of my situation since this is major surgery and may not even alleviate my pain; all of which is stressful.

Another exciting thing is that I got a shower chair! My Mum and I went to a home health store and we bought one. I am so pumped to take a shower within the next couple of days! I can't imagine how the heck I would ever take a shower normally with all of these restrictions. Yay for shower chairs! :)

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