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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hip Arthroscopy Tips

  1. eat lots so that you have some 'stores' for after surgery...there should always be an excuse to eat more! LOL
  2. nighties are essential for sleeping/living in after surgery...easy on, easy off
  3. sundresses...they functioned the same as the nightie during the day but a lot cuter
  4. recliner chair...SO comfy for afterwards
  5. travel pillow for when lying in the reclining chair
  6. shower chair...I just got one for this time 'round and LOVE it! It makes things so much easier
  7. frozen peas in large plastic ziplock baggies...they form to any place you want to put them. I made up several bags since I had to ice my ankle, knee, and hip since they were all under traction
  8. stretchy, small underwear...seriously the less that touches around the hip the better
  9. laxative for the inevitable post-op constipation that comes with taking heavy duty pain killers...just make sure not to OD on these because you'll have another problem on your hands
  10. tight fitting undershirts and those tights that everybody wears (I got some just to the knees)...I can't stand the plastic brace touching my skin as it instantly sweats
  11. have friends and family over after the surgery because being laid up and alone all day does nothing to boost your spirits.
  12. write about your recovery. I have found that keeping a blog is a great way to put down feelings. It helps with the recovery process and may, in fact, help somebody in the future. (that is, if anybody reads this LOL)
  13. do absolutely anything and everything that the surgeon tells you to do :)

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