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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3 weeks (tomorrow)

Tomorrow marks the three week mark and also the time at which I can begin to weight bear. We won't tell anybody that I actually started today because I was really excited to try out my strength and (hopefully) fixed hip. One day early won't hurt anybody, right? :)

I tried to stand but my little quads won't hold me up. Honestly, my thigh is smaller than my knee! It looks really disgusting, but me walking will really help improve my strength. Give me a week and I'll be off them completely! Also, to aid in my learning how to walk again, I have borrowed a walker from my grandparents. Gosh, that sounds like I stole my grandparents walker! But, really, they only used it when my Grampa got his hips and knee replaced; so they currently aren't using it, really! :P

Today I went to the ice rink to say hi to the kids I used to teach and my partner coaches. It was really great to see them all again. Since I've moved back home and the rink is right on my way home from the hospital at which I will be working this upcoming year, I plan on teaching some to make some gas money. They are really looking forward to having me back since I've been gone for two years for the didactic portion of medical school. I am really looking forward to starting up teaching again. That is now my goal, to be able to teach again...on skates! That could be like my working out since I won't have access to a gym during my next years in the hospitals. Going really, really makes me want to heal up so that I can go back. I absolutely love coaching skating and hope that this past surgery really does the trick so that I can!

Whilst at the rink today, all of the people looked at me and just stared; they didn't know what to say. So, I piped up and asked them how they were, multiple times different people responded: "Better than you!" Really?! That is the best that a handful of fellow coaches could come up with? Staring and saying that?! Obviously in this hip brace and on crutches it looks like a huge ordeal. I suppose that it is a big deal having surgery like this, but all the staring really didn't make me feel very good. The worse was when I saw my old coach (with whom I teach now), his jaw almost dropped to the floor when he saw me. It really made me sad to see him so stunned at what I looked like. Really, the problem is that don't like the extra attention; it drives me absolutely nuts! Just ignore it and I'll deal with it myself. It doesn't mean be mean and run me over while I am using crutches, just be courteous, and continue on with whatever you are doing. I suppose that others would want to have more, but I can't stand the attention! Blaaaaaaah :S

How do you deal with the extra attention given by others? I CAN'T STAND IT!

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