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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Injection #5 (and that's it forever!)

Today I had my final injection into my forever! lol (I certainly hope this is the case). I had it done by one of the radiologists with whom I had worked during my Radiology rotation. Very awkward. Not to mention some of my fellow medical students came in the room too. They politely asked if they could stay and I had no problem with them being there since tonnes of people have seen my hip/butt over the last five years.

The injection was rather rough (as I had expected since A) it isn't fun getting the joint poked and B) I've seen how the radiologist works....roughly to say the least) But, after he injected the steroid and the anesthetic I got 7 glorious hours of relief. I could flex past 90* and internally rotate. I could hop on one foot and walk without a limp. It was great. I threatened the doctor that I would go do some kick-boxing.

The hip is slowly getting more sore now. Which is to be expected. I just hope I don't have a steroid flare. Also, I found out that I have a hyperemic hip! I haven't heard of hyperemic joints before so I need to do some research on it. But he had a difficult time getting into the joint space since he kept placing the needle vascularly (and I had a tonne of vessels around the hip....many more than normal).

Yesterday I was able to see yet another ortho surgeon so that he could write me a script for this stupid steroid injection. He was so nice. I really liked him. And, he paid my co-pay for me! Imagine that! Usually the doctors don't do that type of thing. I'll promise to pay it forward when I am the doctor treating a medical student. Also, he gave me Tramadol for the pain. I have yet to take one since I want to see how the injection relief (if any) goes.

Fingers crossed I can walk tomorrow! (since I can feel my hip pain increasing exponentially each passing hour).

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