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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MY Head is spinnnnnnning :S

So Dr. P's office got back to me today and they said that due to my situation they would consider adding me on to the operating schedule some time after Thanksgiving. Which leaves me trying to make this work with my school and insurance.

If I am to make this happen I need to:
  • Get steroid injection into hip
  • Get all PT notes
  • Get all PMNR notes
  • Organize my school
  • Get insurance organized
  • Get my Mum's work to approve her leaving to come to Vail with me
  • Book flights, hotel, car, etc. to survive in Vail for a week
Eeek. I feel like this actually might happen waaaaaaay sooner than I had anticipated (ie July 2012) Which will make my life so much easier so that I don't have to be in constant pain 24/7.

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