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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Plan of Attack

So I am definitely going ahead with surgery as soon as I can get a date with Dr. P. Seriously, it is so hard to get a surgery date in such a short period of time since he typically books up 6 months in advance...and I am trying to get in prior to Christmas. Ha, sounds almost impossible. But, in all fairness, it was not my idea to get in sooner than the several months, but rather his surgery scheduler!

My school is being very cooperative as well as the hospital at which I am currently working. They are all going to work with me and reschedule things as soon as I get a surgery date. Now, this is my plan...get a surgery date ASAP. She is currently checking into early November.

As of now, my plan of attack is to get all of the information into the surgery scheduler this week so that she has all of the paperwork necessary for the appeal with my insurance company denies my pre-authorization for the surgery. As well, I am going to further explain my scheduling issue with my school and hospital and basically beg for a date (in a nice way though!) Then I plan on emailing her twice a week to ensure that I have not missed out on a potential cancellation. Maybe if I keep reminding her who I am and that I seriously want a surgery date since my medical school graduation depends on me being able to schedule the surgery prior to Christmas, perhaps she'll be able to swing something. She had mentioned this to me and it was not my original idea, but I am going to try to make it work.

It makes my stomach tighten to think that I could get surgery in a matter of several weeks! Getting rid of this immensely sore hip and be on my way to recovery is just totally, and utterly exciting!!!!!

There must be many prayers that somebody cancels or she adds me onto the schedule :)

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