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Friday, December 16, 2011


Yesterday I confirmed my surgery date and scheduled appointment times for pre-op. I have to be in town by Jan. 3rd. I have an 8:45am MRI appointment, followed by a 9:45 strength testing/ROM appointment. After this I have an appointment with the surgeon's fellow and then after lunch I'll actually have an appointment with the big guy himself. All this, then pre-op surgery appointment to organize all the meds, surgery time, etc. With surgery the following day.

It looks like I will be getting general anesthetic with an epidural. I am bummed that I'll have to have general anesthetic since I hate trying to wake up from it but will be more than happy with the epidural since it will provide wonderful pain management.

One thing that kind of surprised me, was that this surgery is going to be a 6 hour surgery. That is more than double what my previous surgeries were. Heck though, I want him to take his time fixing my hip since I plan on this being my last surgery for a very, very long time.

Now I am just booking flights, hotel, and a car. I am so relieved that all of this is finally coming together. In three weeks I'll be all done my surgery and be first day post-op. yayay!

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