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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Less than a month

Apparently my case is currently being re-reviewed by the surgeon and I will hear in the next couple of days about the timeline, and finalize the surgery date. I also am going to send his office pictures of my previous hip brace since I may be able to wear the same one from my last surgery. It would be nice to be able to use that one and not have to get a new one! I hope it will suffice.

It truly is approaching quickly. I have a lot to plan, but am getting excited to be fixed. It certainly is difficult to live with chronic pain. Although I really do hurt all of the time, I think that remaining positive and having a good outlook on the entire situation makes it a lot more tolerable. It would be so easy to simply give up, call it quits, and feel sorry for myself. But that doesn't help anybody; nor is it healthy.

I read many posts on Facebook groups, forums, and continually read how horrible everybody feels. I know I've done that and posted things like that before, but at the current time, I just fail to see the point. I am in pain, but I try to repress it in order to function in life. My medical school schedule honestly doesn't care about my hip, nor does anybody I work with; they care about teaching me and about caring for patients. Hence, I've worked hard at ignoring my pain and continuing on with life. So far this tactic has been working. It could be a lot worse - I could have a terminal illness or something of that nature. Instead, although I have one messed up hip, and I have a loving family, I love what I am studying, and the Lord is completely in control. I've been dealt this for some reason and it will make me a stronger individual. I will NOT let my hip ruin my life. It has curtailed so many things thus far, I will refuse to let it bring me down further. Only 28 days left of living with my hip in its current state. I can do anything for 28 days, right?

So, from now until then...I will repress, repress, repress, and think positively. It is the only way to go.

Hugs go out to all of my fellow hip patients. We will get better :D

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