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Thursday, December 29, 2011

One Week Remaining

Exactly one week from now I will most likely be done with my surgery or in surgery. It is exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. I have everything set to go, just need to make sure that my lab results actually get to the surgeon's office since apparently they didn't receive them the first time they were faxed.

Tomorrow is my last day of my anesthesia rotation. (Thank the Lord). Then I have to pack and head off to Vail to get this darn hip of mine fixed up. Anesthesia called yesterday to take a history so that the pre-op the day before is smooth sailing. I called the insurance company and the various medical devices used afterwards are still being sorted out by the supplier and insurance company; this should be cleared either today or tomorrow.

After surgery I will be using: CPM machine, anti-rotational boots, pneumatic stockings, hip brace, and crutches. I'll have a whole bunch of machines. I bet it is going to be fun to use all of these things post-op. I'll take it though if it is going to help the recovery.

COUNTDOWN: 6 days!!!!!

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