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Sunday, December 18, 2011

This hip is gonna be super expensive!

Man alive, when adding up all of the costs required for me to get from here to Vail to see Dr. Philippon, it makes my head spin. It is really adding up. All of the little things you dont think about. Like bulk head seating- had to pay $117 more for three people to fly bulk head seating on the way home because I'll need more room on the way home. Sigh. This is all very difficult since I have no money, but it has to be done because I really need to get fixed and it will be worth it to get the hip fixed up.

I guess it is what it is. Plus, I am truly thankful that I have the opportunity to have this surgery and have it covered under my insurance. Things could be a lot worse. I may not have health insurance, may not be able to make it to Vail, etc. So life is good, even if things are financially difficult for me at the moment.

Countdown: 17 days until surgery

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