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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Getting Closer - Still No Answers

It will be three weeks until my surgery in two days time and I still have yet to hear from the surgeon's office as to the details of my surgery (pre-op appointments, actual surgery day details, etc). I was told not to book any accommodations until I hear back from them, but heck, this is cutting it close since their office closes on Friday for the holidays. I am getting a bit anxious about getting all of the details figured out, so I think that calling and/or emailing the office tomorrow is in store. I feel terrible since I have already emailed her last week asking about details, but they have to give me some time to book flights, hotels, cars, etc. Phew. The surgeon was reviewing my case last I had heard, but I really need to get things in order.

Today I was in the OR scrubbed in on a case and was standing there when I realized just how much I need this surgery. I was standing there throbbing and the thought crossed my mind, "only a couple more weeks of 'functioning' like this, thank the Lord!!" I have to study in bed tonight with a heating pad because I hurt so much. This is no way to live and can't wait to get this fixed up, once and for all!! :) *fingers crossed*

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