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Thursday, February 16, 2012

3 Days Left

I only have 3 days left of my medical leave. I got a letter from my surgeon's office stating that I am medically clear to take care of patients and resume my medical education (little do they know I am still on crutches!) I have no choice but to work up to being back on my rotations for school. I return to a service that is expecting me to do 12 hours! This is next to impossible for me at this time. To be quite honest, I don't even know how I am going to do a couple of hours. Crutching around all day is going to be exhausting and I'll need a couple of prayers to help me make it through. I hope that the doctor with whom I am working is understanding of my situation and will allow me to sit when I can, perhaps leave when I absolutely need to, etc., etc. Thinking about having to work all day and see patients is a bit worrisome, my stomach hurts thinking about having to crutch around the hospital all day.

I wonder how my body will hold up. Not only is my surgical leg sore, I have developed groin pain on the opposite side (which I am praying is simply compensatory pain), as well, my back is sore and I tend to dislocate my shoulders and clavicles while on my crutches. This has lead to extreme shoulder pain as of late. How will they hold up to the rigors of being on crutches all day?! My back hurts to just breathe right now, so I am hoping this settles in the next couple of days as well. Having everything hurt will not be entirely conducive to learning much while on my rotation. I wish there was a pill to take that would remove my pain and allow me to keep a clear head. Unfortunately, I can't take narcotics while taking care of people in the hospital, so I'll be limited to Aleve and Tylenol. If anybody has any advice or extra hints on what might help me to survive please let me know. Thx!

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