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Saturday, February 4, 2012

4 weeks Post Op

I actually missed the date, but two days ago, I was four weeks post of from my fourth, and hopefully final, hip scope. This scope has been much harder to get my feet underneath me, so to speak, compared to all of the others. I had expected for this recovery to be tougher though, my hip was in worse condition and I had a lot more done. Previously I had only had impingement removal, debridement, or attempted repair of the labrum, as well, I have never been in traction for more than an hour. This time, I was in traction for just shy of 3 hours. This has made a big difference on the nerves; they are still very angry but slowly improving.

Right now I feel like I can pretty much take care of myself. I am still on crutches and should be almost done with them. I am 100% weight bearing but I have a limp and Trendelenburg gait, so I am on two crutches until I can get rid of them. I can get dressed all alone now, with the exception of my left sock (but I have needed help to put it on for the last several months, so no surprise there). I am finishing up my CPM machine and SCD usage and return them to the area rep on Monday. I certainly am goingt to miss my CPM machine; I sleep in it every night and it feels soooooo good to move the hip!!!!!!! My hip is all closed up now and I just have scabs on my incision and scope sites. Swelling is still a major issue, especially since I have been able to begin to put weight on it. This is also what I expected; I just got rid of my pooch of swelling from my previous surgery and it is back with a vengence. Hence, I continue to ice.

I don't take anything put Aleve during the day and at night I take a muscle relaxant as the muscle spasms are rearing their evil face these days. But, on a more positive note, I am definitely getting stronger and look forward to starting to walk unaided. My ROM is still quite limited and my flexion is still about 90* at which point I get a groin pinch. I emailed the surgeon and his athletic therapist said that if we strengthen the glutes and once they get firing it should alleviate the pinch.

All in all, things are slowly getting better. I am getting stronger and hopefully this surgery will be a success!

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