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Sunday, February 19, 2012

45 Days Post Op and Returning Back

Today is my last day of my medical leave of absence and tomorrow marks the day that I return back to school and continue on with my medical education. I am surprisingly excited to get learning again and start to assimilate myself back into society. It will be mentally and emotionally good for me to get out of the house and function in a social situation again. I also happy that I am able to return back to something I love.

The only problem I have is physical. Will I be able to function? I plan on returning on crutches as I will be putting in very long days. My friend just finished the rotation that I am about to start and she was doing 12 hour days. I will simply not be able to handle that. I am praying that the attending doctor will be understanding and perhaps will allow me to leave a little bit early so as to build my strength up. I will have to feel him out and see how much I can ask for. I haven't had any trouble up to now as each time my attending saw I was limping before my surgery he/she told me to go home. At the time the pain was manageable if I sat a lot. But, I assume crutches will be more tiring and I am still much more sore than pre-op.

I am beginning to worry about the rest of my body too. My other hip has a nagging deep groin ache that is all too familiar to me. I hope and pray that it is simply compensation and will shortly go away once I have rehabbed my left side. Also, my back has been really hurting me. I am stiff in the morning and really hurt at night. It hurts to flex and extend now. Yesterday I swore that I was going to ask for an injection or something since it hurt so much. I hope this too settles down. In addition to be low back pain, my epidural site is still quite sore. It didn't hurt me until 4 weeks post op and now it hurts to touch and extend. Very weird. So, the list of questions to ask at my follow up in three weeks keeps growing.

Well, that's be update. Here goes nothing!!! I'll certainly be quite the sight: scrubs, white coat, and crutches. Sigh.

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