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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stir Crazy

I suppose that it is a good thing that I have become stir crazy as it definitely means that things are getting better and I am having enough energy to become stir crazy. This although, does not mean that I have to like being cooped up in my living room all day. I don't leave the house except to go to PT three times a week. This is in stark contrast to my overly busy days working in the hospital and never being home except to eat supper and sleep.

Yesterday I got so annoyed at just everything. I still need help getting into the shower on my shower chair. The darn hip flexors are still half sleeping! I still can't carry anything because I am on two crutches. So, I basically had to wait until my Mum was done work at 3:00pm before I could shower, get changed into real clothes, and eat a full meal. My Dad leaves breakfast out for me in the morning, but waiting until 3:00pm is a bit long.

My parents have been absolute saints in helping me after this (and every other) surgery. They never complain or make me feel bad; they are wonderful. Although, me being home all of the time and not getting a lot of visitors means that the only people I see in a day is my parents. Please don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my parents, in fact my Mum is my best friend, but I do feel a bit smothered and annoyed with them at times. I shouldn't feel like this, but I am just not used to being around them all of the time. It isn't healthy.

So tomorrow marks the month mark for my surgery. Pretty in sane how quickly it came and went! I've been emailing my surgeon's assistant pictures of my hip for the past couple of days since I had an infection. They said that it is looking great! The only thing is that the incision scar is quite open. They asked when the steri strips came off. They were removed at two weeks just prior to my reinforcing stitch removal. At this time though, the incision did split open, so now my scar is going to be huge. It is about 10cm long and maybe 5 mm wide. It has some depth to it too. I don't mind having a larger scar though, I enjoy my battle wounds. I just don't want the area to be exceptionally weak. We've been exchanging emails though, so I would assume that they would be getting back to me as I had to explain to them about my steri strip removal.

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