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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Welp, I think I overdid it

Yupp, I definitely have overdone things. I always do this post op and always pay for it. Yesterday and the day before I felt pretty good. I did all of my exercises and made great progress. Now today, every time I move my hip angrily protests. Ah well, this is a normal occurence post op, although it stinks to have to do it.

My body is desperatly protesting being on crutches. My shoulders are not happy. They are all clicky and painful. I know that my shoulders can dislocate very easily and I have to be careful, but I am pretty sure that I have some sort of rotator cuff tear on both sides. I test positive with the physical diagnostic tests. Normally my shoulders don't interfere with my daily life, but now that I use my arms to help walk they are very angry. I have troubles combing my hair and grabbing things out to the side. It is a bit worrisome since they are so sore, but I assume they will settle down once I get off these crutches.

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