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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Impressive Efficiency

Yesterday was an extremely busy day. I am not complaining about that either as it was welcomed after being cooped up in my living room, only leaving for physiotherapy. Mentioning physiotherapy, I had a session yesterday and he was very adament that I let the doctor know that I still had an infection in my incision. Yes, I don't seem to be able to shake this thing, although it is getting better. So, I called to see if I could still do all of the exercises I had been doing since it was infected. This started a rapid cascade of events which ultimately led to a trip to the clinic and new antibiotics. I digress though. After I called and left a message, it was 15 minutes before they had called back, I had emailed them a picture of my hip, they showed the picture to the doctor, called back and made sure that either I go to a clinic that day and get some Bactrim or they would call in a script to a pharmacy near me.

I still can't get over this efficiency. In a quarter of an hour I had had my hip looked at by a doctor more than 2000 km away from me and figured out what to do about it. Impressive to say this least. This is in stark contrast to what would happen here at home. Basically, after surgery you are left hanging. Literally, after my previous surgeries I was told, weight bear as tolerated and good luck, see you in 6 weeks (where they always told me that is was too early to tell anything regarding the surgery). Not that the surgeons didn't care, but they simply are too over-worked and too busy to go the extra mile to ensure that every single concern of my was met. To email a picture of my hip to the surgeon to have him take a look at it is unfathomable, let alone to do it within 15 minutes! It is just not heard of here. Having this prompt care ultimately enhances my trust in my current surgeon and helps me believe that this may be the end of my hip struggles for several years.

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