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Monday, January 23, 2012

No Narcotics

These past two nights are the first consecutive nights during which I did not take any pain killers. I am happy since this means that things are slowly but surely improving. Although I did take a muscle relaxant both nights, I still didn't have to take the heavy stuff. Come to think of it though, the muscle relaxants are probably not the best thing for me to take since everything is so loose to begin with. hmm...

There are certainly many ups and downs when it comes to recovering from surgery. It is incredible how one day I can do my exercises and feel great and the next day I don't feel so great and I have trouble doing anything. I think it is so important to be patient and not get discouraged. I've been battling this over the last week. Some days are great and I think 'wow, I am going to get better' while other days (well, most days right now) I feel much worse than pre-op and can't really feel any difference. To say that I can't feel any difference is a lie since I do believe the deep aching groin pain is gone (which has nicely been showing up on my other side, I know just due to compensation, but this also worries me since I have also had it debrided). But it really is too early to tell at just over two weeks. I just can't help being paranoid about the success of the surgery though. Being that this is the third surgery on this side I hope it is understandable.

As far as physiotherapy goes, I am trying to do everything in the protocol given to me. It is pretty intense and I do manage to do almost all of it every single day. The thing is that it is very difficult for me to keep up with the progression as outlined in the protocol. I know that this doc really knows what he is doing, but I find it hard to imagine that I could keep up and rehab the same as somebody with a surgery that included substantially less work done in and around the hip and I am expected to follow the same protocol; exhausting. I certainly am doing everything as of this point in the protocol. I just have to find a pool because apparently the aqua-rehab program is also very beneficial in rehabilitation. Problem is, I dislike swimming. But, as per my physiotherapist here (and in CO), I will look into gaining access to a pool where I can get my swim on and rehab even more. I swear this PT is becoming my full-time job!

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