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Monday, January 9, 2012

I now have a labrum woot woot!

So I am finally done my time here in Vail and will be flying home tomorrow morning to convalesce in the comfort of my own home instead of a hotel room. I can now say that I have a labrum on my right hip, along with many other fixes. I plan on giving more thorough updates with more details from pre-op through, surgery, and immediate post-op days, but I will do this once I get home and a little more coherent.

I will say that the surgery was a success though. It ended up taking 6.5 hours to do everything that needed to be done, but I got: CAM and pincer impingement removal, femoral chondroplasty, femoral osteoplasty, labral repair/debridement, labral graft from IT band, psoas release, ligamentum teres debridement, synovectomy. I feel pretty good considering I had all of this done, I just can't tell much difference yet since I am still pretty swollen .

Well, I will update again in more detail later. But I am alive and I have a new labrum and very cleaned up hip!! :)

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