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Friday, January 13, 2012

1 full week post-op

**Note: I have included a pic of my hip @ 1 week PO. It may be a bit much for some, so only scroll down all the way if you wish

Today is POD7 and I am still chuggin' along. I am still doing PT a lot. Although I am not having two sessions of formal PT each day, I am doing as much as I was in Vail. My PT has been absolutely amazing. I love him! He hasn't been charging me and has been spending massive amounts of time with me. In fact, today, he came in on his day off just to treat me. He is doing everything exactly as it was at the PT in the hospital/clinic. I worked with him after my last surgery this past summer and we really bonded, but it was different than it is now. I feel like he gets me and my body, he knows when to push me, even when writhing in pain, and he knows when to stop and when I need a break. I am truly blessed to have found him and look forward to rehabbing this hip properly with him during these next several weeks. It looks like I keep doing these same exercises for the next 2 weeks; which is fine by me (I can't imagine pushing myself more than I currently am).

My pain levels are pretty controlled. I take narcotics/muscle relaxants at night and just an anti-inflammatory during the day. I took off my scopolamine patch last night and I can now see straight! Oh brilliant! The patch really helped with the nausea, but it made my memory fuzzy and gave me blurry vision. The vision thing was crazy weird; I could barely read my iPhone at all. But it has resolved so, now I can text properly. lol I my whole leg has now decided to turn blue every time I stand up due to pooling of blood. I kinda figured this was going to happen as it did my previous surgery, but it still isn't something I wish I had right now. Plus, from the traction, my calf/foot are freezing all of the time. It should return to normal soon. The only real painful this is my femoral nerve has decided to ultimately freak out. My rectus femoris is insanely sore, not stiff, but sore. It feels like my quads are ripping in half with the slightest bend of my knee. It makes my eyes sweat when getting in and out of the car for PT. I have it taped now and it has helped maybe 3%, but I really would appreciate it if it would calm down. The lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (not completely healed from the last surgery) also has my lateral thigh super hypersenstive. I think that my swelling has decreased a little bit, but as the blood rushes to the area as I stand up, it still feels like my hip is going to explode. But, I plan on all of these symptoms to last for only a little while longer as I plan on forcing myself to heal quickly :P

Also, my insurance company has informed me that they denied my request to have my CPM machine covered. Ugh! One more headache with which to deal. I now have a letter from my surgeon stating the medical necessity of this machine and the physiological mechanism by which the machine induces healing and reduces fibroarthrosis, plus I have a sheet to fill out for the appeal. It wouldn't be the end of the world if I didn't get it covered, but still, it is extremely common to use post-hip arthroscopy and my insurance company is now stating that it is only useful in knee surgeries. Frustrating. So a few prayers for this appeal to go in my favour would be appreciated.

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