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Friday, May 21, 2010

Pre-Op Medical Tests (almost) Done

Two days ago I had a phone interview with the pre-admission clinic to get the details of what is going to happen on the surgery day (all of which I already knew since I have been through this before). And then today I had a pre-op physical and blood work done. The clinic here at school would not perform an EKG because people over 50 and those who medically need an EKG can get one. So now I have to call my surgeons office, ask if I really need an EKG (and if so why). I can always get this done when I am at home but this is putting it less than a week before the surgery. The secretary made it very clear that she wanted the stuff ASAP, but the EKG thing is not going to happen in this fashion. I guess I'll wait until Tuesday to see if I need to still get an EKG, why I need to get an EKG, and then actually book an EKG if the surgeon still insists on getting an EKG.


  1. Hi Hot Chickie,

    Your symptoms are so much the same as mine, I just thought no one would believe me and I am losing my marbles. You could be my twin you have your right hip to do and I have my left. My saving grace at night and after three years of no sleep am now on mersyndol night strength and mersyndol day strength to get through and function normal (except no exercise) :( very soon we will be on the other side. Good luck Jilly.

  2. I had several doctors tell me that nothing was wrong with me. Finally I stumbled across a doctor that recognized my symptoms. This was the first time around, now I am under a great OS and he is now doing my right side.

    Good luck to you! It won't be as bad as you imagine. Heck, I am doing this over again because it worked so well on the other hip....totally worth it!