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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

22 days left

As I sit here and study whilst resting on a heating pad and throbbing, I think to myself - "ONLY 22 MORE DAYS!" Scary and exciting. I really, really need this done, much more than my previous two scopes. It is getting ridiculous to have the hip being so bothersome all of the time.

I am arranging to pick up crutches from my best friend. Although they are not the ergonomic ones, they are the normal ones but are made of aluminum so they are fairly light and manageable. I will definitely be a pro at these crutches since I've had to use them a total of 8 weeks prior to this. So, by the end of 6 weeks this summer, I'll be able to go out dancing on crutches. (well, not really, but point stands, I will be an expert!)

So in the next 22 days I get to: take my medical board exam, move out of my apartment, have surgery, drive/move back home. Can somebody fast forward these next couple of weeks? Please?!?

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