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Monday, June 20, 2011

Bad Move :)

I decided a couple of weeks ago that it would be a good idea to paint my toe nails in gold sparkles. Now, for anybody who doesn't know, having a sore hip and trying to paint and remove nail polish from toe nails is a feat in and of itself. I hate doing it because the pain hurts so much I have to hold my breath. But, beauty still wins and I always have my nails painted; especially my toe nails. I digress, I painted them with sparkles: cute, fun, summer-like:

It is kinda blurry since I took the picture with my iPod, but, they do shine a bit.

Well, it is all chipping off now and I can't get the sparkles off because you really gotta scrub it off and I simply can't do it :( So I am stuck with half-on sparkles until my Mum comes down to where I am going to school to take it off. But then, she is coming just for my surgery, so I'll have to have it off anyway. I should have thought about my inability to flex my hip past 90* before I smothered my toe nails with sparkles.

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