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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hooooooolding On

Oh man, with the stress of my board exam coming up, I literally sit on my butt all day studying. Like from 9:00 in the morning until 12:00 midnight. I really can't afford to do any less sitting but oh my goodness does my hip detest this amount of time being flexed at, around 90 degrees!

Today I canceled my follow-up with my previous surgeon. I had another appointment with him scheduled for July 11th, but since I am having surgery with another surgeon on July 7th, I am pretty sure that I 'can't make' my originally scheduled appointment with my surgeon back home. The secretary was going to reschedule me, but I said that I'd get back to her if I needed another appointment in the future. She was fine with this and, that was that. I probably won't go back to my initial surgeon again since I am having this hip fixed up for good (hopefully).

I can't believe how fast my hip has deteriorated. It has gone from a bit of an annoyance to full blown throbbing all of the time, inability to sit still, and even has started to cause me to limp more than I am able to consciously hide all within a couple of months. I certainly hope that all there is in there is a tear and they can fix it because this is so drastically different than my previous two labral tears.

I was thinking about this today, both my previous two surgeries were done so that I could go back to living an active lifestyle. Yes, my hips hurt, and it needed to be done, but it was more for a physical activity level reason than for a desperate attempt to store pain-free functioning in the activities of daily living. This surgery is for the latter, to restore my ability to just function. At this point I could care less if I ever ran again, I just want to be able to sit, walk, and stand without pain! Anything else is a cherry on the top! For goodness sakes, I think I'll run into surgery with a fat smile on my face excited to start off the new adventure of getting better and back to being able to live without pain.

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