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Saturday, June 25, 2011

No Title....

I couldn't really think of a title since I didn't really know what I was going to write about. So, I basically need to vent a bit. I really am excited to get this surgery on and over with. Really, my hips have been impacting my life for way too long and I am sick of it being an ever consuming thought. Being in pain all of the time is physically and emotionally draining as well. I am tired all of the time. Which is a combination of studying, stress, and pain. It will be great to get these next couple of weeks over with so that I can attack my hip recovery head on! I am super pumped at the chance to get my hip fixed.

I am starting to think of my surgery more. I wonder how it will differ compared to the previous ones I have had. I will be in a brace for six weeks with two to three weeks non-weight-bearing. All of which are different than my previous two scopes. I wonder if I will be in TED hose. I assume that I will be since they are very precautious here in the States compared to back home. Last two surgeries I was never in any sort of hose, no brace, no period of weight bearing, not even any physiotherapy protocol! I hope that there is more structure to this surgery and its recovery! I think that taking things very, VERY easy is the key. I will do my best to let the recovery take its course and not rush into things (ie trying to walk fully weight bearing after 5 days like the last two times!).

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