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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pumped For Some Action In Life!

It is official, I am so over this lying-around-doing-nothing deal. Phew. It feels like it drags on forever and ever, yet goes so quickly. I am now almost 5 weeks post op and am looking forward to moving on, out of the hip brace, and hopefully cleared to start physiotherapy after my OS appointment early next week.

I have found a physiotherapy clinic right near my house which has a physiotherapist that has worked with people with hip scopes and even has office hours on Saturdays. Having Saturday appointments is essential, especially when I get back to working in the hospitals since my hours will be unpredictable and am more likely to have a Saturday or two off which will help me get my appointments in. The only downfall is that I am going to be paying out of pocket since I have health insurance in the States and not in Canada. $40 a pop! But, worth it if it will help me recover. And, it can't be worse than the last physiotherapist I saw for my previous two surgeries: $45 each visit, 25 minute drive, to see the physiotherapist for ~8 minutes - not cool.

I already know that I have three months of physiotherapy if I follow my OS protocol (which I intend on doing to a T). But that brings me into a very busy rotation and I seriously wonder how I will fit it in whilst putting in 12 hour+ days at some points. But, health is important I will make it work.

On a happier note my boyfriend is coming into town this evening and we are going to have a fun filled weekend full of friends. I think that we might even go and see Niagara Falls! I'll probably have to crutch around since I am only just managing to gimp around without crutches inside the house for the last three days and I don't want to over-do things. But it will be great to get out of the house and do something fun. We then are going to road-trip it back to where I went to school where I'll see friends there and have my follow-up since my OS is affiliated with my medical school. The 11 hour drive will stink since I'll probably get stiff, but I am totally looking forward to hanging out and doing fun things.

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