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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pain Meds and Drug Tests

So sometimes I still need the odd narcotic at night and I absolutely refuse to take oxycodone since it makes me anxious when it wears off so I decided to make an appointment with my family doctor to get some Tylenol #3. As well, I conveniently need a drug screen to be able to work at the hospital.

All of this said, I couldn't get into my family doctor so I decided to go to the clinic. Well, that doctor doesn't know me from the drug-seeking patient and he was very reluctant to prescribe me any pain pills at all. I suppose that is a good thing because doctors can't be prescribing narcotics at the drop of a hat, but I legitimately need them and it was certainly hard to get. And I only got 15 pills.

Given the fact that I take narcotics and need a drug test could cause some problems as well since I will definitely be positive. I have to call the hospital today to clarify this issue. It isn't like I am sitting around on vacation taking narcotics, but rather, I am on medical leave which may help them be a little more lenient and give me a bit of time before I have to pass the drug screen.

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