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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

When PT Starts

Yesterday I had my first PT session. And I think that I'll stay with this guy for the remainder of my rehabilitation; 3 months and counting!

As of now I have very limited ROM and a very inflamed/stiff hip. I can't flex to 90* without groin pain, I have 0* of internal rotation, 30*of external rotation, and 0* of extension. It will be interesting to see how I am able to increase the motion as I progress through the PT protocol.

Also yesterday my brother sent me a balloon and a package of chocolate covered fruit (strawberries, apples, and oranges) to brighten my day! He is too sweet and thoughtful and really made me smile. He's so cute, I went to his place for a family BBQ this past weekend and I wasn't feeling great and he noticed that so he sent something to make me feel better. He did the same thing after my first surgery with flowers. What a great brother! I miss our shenanigans when we went to undergrad together!

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