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Sunday, July 1, 2012

15 Days Post Op

I know that two posts in one day is a bit much, but I really am trying to keep daily updates and record how I feel each day.  Not only to help me gauge my progress, but also to help me compare between the different surgeries and, perhaps, somebody will stumble across the blog and find it useful.  I really don't think many people read this, but if you do, yay.  I used to look at the stats for the blog, but that has proven to be inaccurate as there are those blogging troll people who set up repeated 'views' from random places like Slovakia, Russia, India, etc.

Today has not been a good day at all.  My incisions feel like they explode every time I stand up and my lateral femoral cutaneous nerve is all freaked out.  I believe that it was numb in the cutaneous area of this nerve prior to today and now it's waking up and giving me the pain signals that I am oh so used to. This stupid nerve is all jacked up and has been for more than a year.  Pain and paresthesia-like sensations on a regular basis.  For months I would think that my phone was vibrating on my leg (when I would keep my phone in either the opposite pocket or in my white coat pocket).  Uncool.

Besides this nerve and incisional pain, I just don't feel well today.  My right hip is throbbing and the left hip has that 'uh-hello-remember-me-I-just-had-surgery-think-of-me-too' pain that comes and goes, and is totally expected, after surgery. Thank goodness for Norco!!!!! Sometimes I forget I'm only 2 weeks out.  Seems like I've been home an eternity.

Here's hoping that I get some answers tomorrow from the surgeon.

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