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Friday, July 6, 2012

20 Days Post Op: CPM & Insurance Changes

Today I can say that my left hip is simply the normal post op stiffness with absolutely no joint pain.  The incisions with the stitches are pulling a little bit.  But this will be fixed on Monday when I finally get the stitches out.  21 days with the stitches in is a bit long in my opinion, but hey, I'll listen to the doctor, he's the MAN :)  My right hip is quite sore today, I feel the throbbing in the groin mostly.  It's annoying but will most definitely get better when I can weight bear on the left hip.  Funny how things are complicated with two bad hips.  Let me rephrase that:  one hip post op (which is my 'good' side but I just can't use it) and one bad hip.

I have officially converted to using the CPM during the day as I have been sleeping horribly.  Horribly. I am going to do three sessions of two hours each. I am currently in this dreadful machine.  It feels great on the hip joint, and I'll do anything to prevent adhesions.  But man alive, words cannot describe how much I dislike sitting in this darn machine.

The final insurance policy guidelines came out today.  Not impressed.  I have no choice but to switch to this insurance plan as I am in medical school and an international student, but if I had a choice this is a plan I would NOT chose.  It is seriously concerning given that it states that if multiple procedures are done through the same incision or in the same operation period, then they will only cover 50% of every procedure after the first procedure.  I read this as that I will be responsible for 50% of everything done after the first thing done in the next hip scope.  This could be problematic as I literally have no money.  How will I pay for all of this?  I am seriously concerned and am thinking of having a pasta dinner or some sort of fundraising to help pay for the medical bills, accommodations, etc.  I really hate asking for help and try to keep my medical problems from being advertised, but I don't see any other option at this point.  I've looked into online fundraising options but am leery about signing up for an online donations.

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