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Friday, July 27, 2012

41 Days Post Op: WALKING!!!!

Today was a HUGE day for me.  I, to this point, have yet to use my crutches at all.  I mean, really, I walked all day alone.  I'm not gonna say that it was great gait, but I am really, really stoked about this.  It feels so great to walk as my left needs to gain strength and my right needs the rest.  I'm so happy at how much better my left feels walking compared to pre-op.  Honestly it is thousands times better than it was before surgery, although it is still has a pinching pain upon flexion (which slightly concerns me).  I am thrilled, it is a BIG day in the world of hip surgeries.

As far as pain goes, the left side is great and the right side isn't so great.  If I only had my left to deal with, I wouldn't need to take any pain pills.  Really, it is mostly soft tissue pain at this point.  My flexors are quite inflamed and the butt muscles are pretty weak.  But that throbbing groin pain is GONE.  woohoo! On the right side, I have the constant throb going on inside the hip which is definitely worse at night.  Often times, well, let me change it to every evening I must take a pain pill.  Norcos plus Benadryl really seem to complement each other nicely to induce pain relief and drowsiness.  I feel like a drug user, in fact, I am, but, you know....I still don't like to have to continuously take pain medication to get through the night.

Perhaps I'll post a video of my walk later on since I did video tape it on my phone.  Woot woot!  Small steps forward in this darn long hip journey!!!


  1. glad to hear that! maybe a stupid question, but what caused all your hip problems? do you have dysplasia?

  2. Hi! Thanks for your comments. I wish you the best of luck as you get your hips sorted out. Lemme know if you have any questions at all. Feel free to email me!!! For me, it was a combination of my history as a figure skater, bad surgeries, improper healing (which we can't explain), and yes, I have a bit of retroversion, but have been told that scopes can fix my problems. I will be addressing this issue at my next appointment though as I want straight up answers on the longevity of these hips. Keep in touch!