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Sunday, July 22, 2012

5 Weeks Post Op

Yesterday  marked the 5 week date.  Wow has time flown by.  It seriously feels like I was just being wheeled into the operating room.  There is nothing really new on the hips.  I am now 75% weight bearing (although I can take a few steps unaided....shhhh, don't tell!). I do many exercises, bike 40 minutes each day, and pool every other day.  It's a full time job to get everything in during the day.  All totally worth it though!  I am also technically done with the CPM but return it tomorow and plan on using it the 6 hours as prescribed today so as to prevent scar tissue right to the last minute.  The SCDs are also done but, I will not be using those tonight as I will most likely not develop a clot now nor can I stand them for one more possible minute.  So hot and noisy in which to sleep.

Yesterday I went out for dinner and then over to a friend's house for a movie.  It was partially because I wasn't able to make it to her Bachelorette next weekend (Burlesque dancing and bar hopping are next to impossible for me at the 6 week mark) and also partially since one of the other bridesmaids (and my 'friend' as well) didn't want to do what was planned for the Bachelorette and felt guilty.  Ah well, we went to a great burger joint.  Mmmm... Except I didn't last past 10 o'clock and had to head home.  It was nice to get out, but it is just so difficult to have the energy to be the real me. It will come soon enough.

It really worked out well that they thought that having surgery on the right hip at 6 weeks post-op would be too soon.  Because I can't, in my wildest dreams, imagine that I would be able to have surgery again in a week.  I mean the left may have been a success and may give me pain free function after it settles down, but that's the thing, it's not settled down and I truly believe that if I had planned on having surgery in a week, I would have irritated the hip so badly that it would have compromised the healing.  Having put leftie through four surgeries already, I am not about to make him take unnecessary risks.  So, I wait until the end of September, which is slightly long since this right hip of mine is getting more and more sore each day.  Ideally I would have had surgery a couple of weeks earlier, but due to the surgeon's travel schedule September 25th is the earliest.  Beggers can't be chosers, so, that's the date.  The date of, lets all pray, my final surgery for a very long time!!

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