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Monday, July 9, 2012

22 & 23 Days Post Op

Oops, forgot to update yesterday.  So thought I'd throw it in today's post.

Day 22:  Nothing much different.  I'm super not stoked about this lack of sleep.  Last night I was up until 4:30am.  Needless to say, I had a small nap, maybe an hour or so, this afternoon.  It was glorious and much needed.  Other than that, simply just did the usual: CPM, exercises x2, bike-40 min, circumduction.  Nothing too exciting.

Day 23:  Got my sutures out.  Oh, it is so nice to have them babies gone.  They were certainly thrown tightly!  I loved that the knots went under the skin!  They had to dig them out.  This happened the last time I had surgery with Dr. P as well.  I suppose the fellow really likes tight sutures.  I got all four stitches out.  I called them my belly buttons as, they were puckered up and then dipped in where they caught the skin laterally.  I am happy to get rid of my 'belly buttons'.  One more thing about the sutures, I am also happy that Dr. P used the same scope sites as last time.  Yay for no more additional scars!!  13 is enough.  And I'll be getting more in September.

Before suture removal:

After suture removal:

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