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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

16 Days Post Op

I forgot to post yesterday, so this is the post for July 2nd.  I am attempting to log each day to keep a running tab on things.

I am feeling pretty good hip wise.  A bit of muscular soreness on the left and the usual pain on the right.  Nothing new on that front.  I am though, having quite the difficulty sleeping.  Last night I was up until 3AM simply lying there.  It is problematic since I am confined to sleeping on my back and I don't normally do this.  When I used the CPM for my previous surgeries it rocked me to sleep....this time, very different.  I dread getting into that thing.  I dread it A LOT.  It's just not natural having your leg bent and rebent all night long.  And I haven't mentioned this yet, but the calf pumps are HORRIBLE as well.  Slightly bitter about all of these machines lately.  I swear the surgeon has no idea what we go through to use all of these machines and keep up with all of these rehab exercises.  I truly think that Dr. P should have his hip scoped too.....get a taste of his own medicine.

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