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Thursday, July 12, 2012

25 & 26 Days Post Op

Yes, I missed yesterday.  It'll combine both yesterday and today for completeness.  So the last week and a half or so I've felt a tightness at the end point of flexion that was not there before.  This pain also comes when I do cat-camel.  It is strikingly similar to the pre-op adhesion pain.  Needless to say I emailed a PT at the clinic in Colorado and called Dr. P's PA.  The PA said that it is likely adhesions and that I need to continue to aggressively continue my ROM exercises and is isn't overly concerning so long as my actual range does not start to decrease.  Words cannot describe how much I hate scar tissue.  Seriously causes a pit to form in my stomach.  I'll probably have to make my PT measure my hip flexion each week to make sure.  I'm so paranoid!!!!!  I hate the pain associated with adhesions too.  Let's hope this is as bad as they get.  I would assume that I'll get the hip injected at my post-op visit (which is the pre-op visit for my other hip) to reduce the inflammation.

My adductors and hip flexors are as angry as anything.  My hip flexors are barely firing and yet, when they do, they hurt so bloody much that it makes my brain scream.  So we've had to reduce supine abduction and adduction as I tend to fire the hip flexors on that.  We aren't too worried as last time was much worse, they are just so inflamed.  And the swelling, oh the's HUGE.  It appears as if I have a third butt cheek that extends completely anteriorly onto the thigh.  I was lying in the pool yesterday and while on the float I looked down and it was crazy and appeared to have a bulbous amount of swelling.  I'm a blow fish, and I'm okay with that....gotta step up that effleurage though!

Yesterday I tried giving myself acupuncture.  My PT taught me how to do it.  It's pretty neat.  I was afraid it would be hard putting needles into myself, but it didn't hurt at all since the needles are so small.  I'm not sure if it helped, but it was worth a try.

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