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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

31 Days Post Op

Again, daily updates are failing but I am determined to keep them coming regularly, even if they aren't every day.  So this morning I was researching possible etiologies to my chronically externally rotated right leg.  It has been like that for years, even before I had hip pain.  And it is always like that, even when I walk.  To flex my hip it naturally goes out to the side, externally rotating.  My initial instinct was that I have a tight piriformis or another external rotator, but then the thought crossed my mind about acetabular retroversion.  This could be the culprit too.  Oh, and I just thought of another one, plain and simple hip instability.   A previous orthopaedic surgeon had mentioned me having some retroversion, but that is was mild enough that scopes would be my answer to relief.  I hope that Dr. P will shed some light on this at my next appointment and perhaps help my leg straighten out with my next surgery.

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