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Monday, July 16, 2012

4 Weeks Post Op

I have missed a couple of days, I suppose that daily updates are unrealistic despite the fact that I basically stay home all day doing exercises.  But at one month I am happy with the improvements.  I am not nearly as bad as I was post op, although I still have some pain and a strangely similar pain to pre-op as far as end point feel goes with flexion.  When I practice my hip flexion exercises I dread them, they hurt.  They didn't always hurt which makes me worried about more scar tissue.

Otherwise my home exercises and PT are going well.  I am faithful and keep at my ROM exercises each day so as to maintain my current range.  I certainly notice a difference in my level of stiffness from the first and second sessions of my exercises.  I have a feeling I'll be doing ROM exercises for a very long time. I am currently 50% weight bearing and it feels pretty good.  I have a lot of inflamed soft tissue going on, but hopefully that settles soon.  My hip flexors are as angry as they come but we have been laying back on some of the those exercises that irritate the hip.  

I hate to sound pessimistic, but HOLY SMOKERS does my right side hurt.  It hurts just to weight bear these days.  I am throbbing right from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to bed.  This is exhausting.  And to add this on top of my paranoia that my left side is still forming scar tissue really makes for emotional times.  I was supposed to, initially, have my right side fixed in two weeks.  There is no way physically or mentally I would have been prepared to handle another surgery.  Maybe my body would have just barely held up, but emotionally, I would have been a mess.  Furthermore, not sleeping is really getting to me.  I can barely make it through the days without feeling an overwhelming urge to cry.  I go on several day periods of not being able to sleep before 3am and then get a day or two in before I go back to not sleeping.  This has got to be one of the worst feelings in the world:  insomnia.  I feel for those who suffer from this on a regular basis.  I haven't slept well in months, but to have this a chronic issue can be debilitating.  

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