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Thursday, July 26, 2012

40 Days Post Op: Baaaack Aaaack

I am now 100% weight bearing now and, well, ran into a bit of a setback.  Two days ago was my first day of full weight bearing.  I was feeling great.  I could stand with all my weight on one foot for a couple of seconds and could do a few horrendous appearing steps.  I was thrilled.  But yesterday, when I was getting out of bed, my back caught me and, whoa!, did it hurt.  I couldn't stand or walk with any weight on my left leg yesterday.  Extremely uncool.  I ended up taking muscle relaxants and taking it extremely easy.  I had no choice to take it easy since half of my exercises hurt me.  I think this was definitely my body's way of telling me to slow down and be careful.  This morning it feels a bit better.  It is still there but it isn't taking my breath away.  I already tried taking a few steps and it was decent.  Well, I wouldn't even call it decent, but I could do it without horrific pain in my back.

I'm still not sleeping great as I wake up every single time I move.  But this is par for the course at this point and I cannot wait to get the other side done so that I can move on with life.  My left hip has pain with flexion at the 110 degree mark, but I push through it, as instructed, and can reach 125-130 degrees of flexion.  Albeit, with pain.  I hope that a simple injection at my post-op check will do the trick.  I'm really paranoid about scar tissue, but, I am doing everything possible to keep this hip from developing scar tissue.

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